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"There is no particular career path but rather endless possibilities for success."

All those who aspire an exciting work place which has new tasks and challenges everyday, where ideas have no limitations where dressing is not a priority rather work is, where time has no restraints and you are the showstopper of your work, where deadline is not to be met rather learnings are recorded, where fashion is dreamt and there is an alchemy between the team.

At Raaika we believe in your passion for fashion more than anything else.  We surely have to face deadlines but we never let workload over-stress us. You can work at your own comfortable pace and thus love your job.  We provide opportunities for you to showcase and prove your talents. Fashion trends keep changing but our persistence to work with passion remains the same.  We work hard to ensure that our customers never miss on the latest trends and our employees never miss on to get the fruits of their labour. Join us and show your passion for fashion and let the world acknowledge the fashion expert in you.

Career at RAAIKA opens countless opportunities for employees to sharpen their skill, push limits and uncover their potential.

It helps to foster a sense of community among employees.

Free delivery

Shop as much as you love fashion and worry not because we provide free delivery to your doorstep so that your purchase is hassle-free. No more hustling around in crowded bazaars, no more getting stuck in traffic, shop till you drop in your comfort zone. Shopping has never been so comfortable and affordable too.

24/7 customer service

Anxious about shopping online? You shouldn’t, as our customer care executives are always ready to help you with any issues you face while purchasing. Eager to help you 24/7 and help you make gorgeous fashion decisions. Our executives work all day to ensure that you shop tension free.

Payment secured

You can be assured of secured payment when pay online to us. We care about your money and know how valuable it is for you. We ensure that your transaction is safe and secure from any cyber threats. No worries, your money will be in safe hands.

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